Startups that want to grow as strong as “wildfire” must find their own “Tipping Point”. Vietnam Startup Day 2022 connects more than 150 outstanding Vietnamese and international startups to the startup ecosystem with all the needed resources to blow up the wildfire to dominate the market.

Vietnam Startup Day 2022The largest and most intensive annual event for startups in Vietnam and the region.

The Top startups will appear together at Vietnam Startup Day 2022 -The largest and most intensive annual event for the startup ecosystem is taking place on August 25 & 26, 2022 at Riverside Palace – 360D Ben Van Don, Dist.4, Ho Chi Minh City. The event is a platform for +150 startups to have live-pitch battles and a 2-day exhibition to showcase their products/ technology. The event is expected to welcome +15,000 attendees including + 500 VCs/ Investors, Business Associations, Large Corporations, Incubators, etc from Vietnam and the region. 

To take inspiration from “The Tipping Point”, one of the featured books by Malcolm Gladwell,  to explain the moment when an idea, a trend or a social behavior crosses a certain threshold – the Tipping Point – to spread as fast as a “wildfire”. BSSC organizes the 10th Vietnam Startup Day to bring together the key factors to help startups find this important “tipping point”.

The Law of the Few in Startup ecosystem

The 80-20 rule states that 20% of the people can influence 80% of the final outcome. The key here is to identify and find the right minority group that holds a major role in determining the success of the business. The three players in this minority group are Maven, Connector and Salesman. These influencers will guide the minds of the rest. In a Startup Ecosystem, Maven are reputable investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, industry-leading experts with deep knowledge and vast experience, which gives them multidimensional perspectives. The Maven affects the rest of the Ecosystem, including the Connector. Startup support organizations such as incubators and media agencies are Connectors, helping to spread ideas about products and services to a large network of relationships in a short time, helping spark the “Tipping Point”. The founders and CEOs of startups are Salesman- the bottom line to create a real outbreak, to blow up the wildfire.

The Stickiness Factor and The Power of Context in Startup Ecosystem

Diving into the core of the problem, the stickiness factor is an important one within the business itself, helping the “wildfire” spread strongly without the influence of external factors. In business, the first and foremost factor is that the product/service must be of good quality, which is the stickiness factor that attracts customers, builds trust in them and keeps them stay with the business.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Hang – CEO of BSSC said “Vietnam Startup Day 2022 plays the third key factor – “The power of Context”, the event connects more than 150 outstanding Vietnamese and international startups to the startup ecosystem through our BSSC’s network with more than 300 domestic and international partners, which consists of Venture Capital Funds, Incubators, Media Partners, Corporations and Universities in Vietnam and from over 30 countries and territories worldwide. Vietnam Startup Day 2022 is a place gathering all the needed resources for the startups to reach the “Tipping Point”.”

Vietnam Startup Day 2022 has the strategic partner of KIDO Group and large corporations such as Qualcomm, HBIC, D.Camp (Korea), Caocao (USA), Quest Ventures (Singapore), Bizzi, Haravan, VIHAT, OCB, Coolmate , Hector, CocaCola…, and Fund such as ThinkZone Ventures and Zone Startups Vietnam.

Are startups standing on their own tipping points? Can attendees help promote the “tipping point” of the startup community? The answers will be available at Vietnam Startup Day 2022.

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