On May 23, 2022, True Platform announced that it had received $3.5 million in its first capital call. This funding round has the participation of famous funds such as January Capital, Alpha JWC Ventures, BEENEXT, FPT Corporation and some other individual investors. Pham Kim Hung, Founder of this tech startup, said that was the largest seed investment ever in a Southeast Asian technology startup.

True team
True development team

Jason Edwards, representative of January Capital, highly appreciated True Platform’s desire to reach out to the world through technology products. “This is definitely a goal that’s worth a lot of time pursuing,” said Edwards. Alpha JWC Ventures and BEENEXT also both invested in Base.vn in 2018, seeing the startup grow more than 20 times in just three years. After the strategic investment in Base.vn in mid-2021, FPT Corporation continues to invest in True Platform, supporting not only capital, but also presence in the international market.

About True Platform

True Platform is an enterprise management technology platform, developed by CEO Pham Kim Hung and a team of Vietnamese engineers. This startup has been established for six months, following the global digital transformation ecosystem. Previously, this team built Base.vn, a digital transformation platform used in more than 7,000 businesses in Vietnam. While Base.vn aims to optimise internal operations management, True Platform helps businesses look outside, especially forward to customers. This startup builds a customer-oriented management platform, Success Platform ,and a new-style internal business operation platform, Rework Platform. Both launches towards the global market.

Founder & CEO True Platform
Pham Kim Hung, Founder & CEO of True Platform

In fact, True Platform received a commitment of capital exceeding $5 million with an additional investment proposal after the terms were completed. However, this startup chose to receive just enough capital for the long haul. “We fully understand the fierce competition in the international market and certain gaps in experience and technological capabilities. However, we believe in the ability of Vietnamese engineers given the opportunity to solve to world-class problem,” said the CEO of True Platform. This startup will develop and perfect the Product-Centric-oriented product ecosystem, expand the staff size, and build the first 100 people team as the current top priority.

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