On 22/10/2021, the Semi-Final Round of Startup Wheel 2021 was organized as one of key activities of the Vietnam Startup Day 2021 – one of the largest and most intensive events for startups in Vietnam and the region. This year, Vietnam Startup Day 2021 was back and first organized on a virtual platform, breaking all borders to attract the participation of 133 startups in 24 countries from 5 continents and 1,087 investors in Vietnam and worldwide. According to statistics from the Investment platform of Vietnam Startup Day 2021, all the transactions and business exchanges took place actively with a total of 8,752 messages and 895 hours of video calls between startups and investors. The event created rooms for the investors to learn business models, products and services, and successfully closed a total of 612 investment deals on October 22, 2021.

According to the Board of Judges, selecting the Top 10 Vietnam Track and Top 5 International Track from the Top 110 startups of Startup Wheel 2021 was a truly difficult decision. To be specific, The top 60 Vietnam Track are mostly in distribution & retail, education, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors, which are directly affected by the pandemic. Despite that, Top 60 Vietnam Track have demonstrated their entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility, and inner strength at the Semi-final round. Besides, the Top 50 International Track comes from 23 countries on 5 continents, have also proven their innovative business models, learned and prepared their expansion plan to enter the Southeast Asian market, in which Vietnam is the first market. And the Top 50 International Track of Startup Wheel 2021 are operating in trending sectors such as Healthcare, FinTech, Transportation, FoodTech, AgriTech. After the Semi-Final Round of Startup Wheel 2021 taking place on October 22, 2021 at the Vietnam Startup Day 2021 event, we would like to honor the Top 10 Vietnamese Track and Top 5 International Track:

TOP 10 Vietnam Track – Startup Wheel 2021

Agridential.vn - Nền tảng Blockchain quản trị sản xuất và truy xuất nguồn gốcTP. HCM
Chợ thuốc tây.comTP. HCM
BLUSAIGON - Tạo Tác Hồi Sinh Từ Biển Cả Qua Bàn Tay Người Thợ ViệtTP. HCM
OKXE Việt Nam - Sàn Thương Mại Điện Tử Mua Bán Xe Máy Trực TuyếnHà Nội
HERAMO - Premium Laundry & Cleaning AppTP. HCM
ROSTEK AGV - Xe tự hành dẫn đường chủ độngHà Nội
Sàn giao dịch thời trang SSSMarket tích hợp AITP. HCM
Nhà thông minh AnHomeHà Nội
Bánh mì Má Hải – thương hiệu bánh mì truyền thống mang trọn vẹn hương vị biển cảTP. HCM
tMonitor - thiết bị AI đo lường và cảnh báo chất lượng không khí thông minhTP. HCM

TOP 5 International Track – Startup Wheel 2021

1SWAT MobilitySingapore
3Dtonic CorporationKorea
5Intersection Energy Technology Ltd.Taiwan

Startup Wheel 2021 is going to the Final Round on November 5, 2021 on the Vietnam Startup Day platform.

The information of Vietnam Startup Day 2021 is continuously updated on our official channels:

Wish you full of energy for the best performance in the Final Round of Startup Wheel 2021!

Startup is a long journey, we hope all candidates will always keep the enthusiasm and faith in your startup. Let’s keep in touch with Startup Wheel and BSSC, we will always be by your side.