VinaCapital Ventures is a venture capital fund. This venture capital fund belongs to VinaCapital Group. VinaCapital Ventures specialises in technology startups.  This venture capital fund has just announced its investment in the technology startup Dutycast. This technology startup is a technology company. This technology company develops a technology platform. This technology platform supports consumers who need help in cross-border online shopping. Ordering and paying methods on this technology platform are easy, safe and transparent. The value of the investment was not disclosed. CEO Nguyen Le Hoa co-founded this technology startup in 2020. VinaCapital Ventures assesses the prospects of Dutycast in the new economy. This new economy is going to be the economy in which consumers will find it easier to access cross-border shopping. Dutycast is a web browser extension. This extension supports consumers to shop directly from global e-commerce sites and online stores.

Core team’s crew members of Dutycast in the online signing ceremony

Dutycast’s technology platform removes the language barriers between the businesses and customers in cross-border shopping. This technology platform has a processing engine that carries out trading activities with innovative methods. These innovative trading methods provide the technology platform’s users with a seamless international purchasing experience. This technology platform’s users can also go shopping on many online stores in multiple different countries. They only need to make purchases with the local currency of the country that they are living in as current residency. When the customers are paying, they can completely trust the purchasing methods and do not have to worry about exchange rate fluctuations. Co-Founder & CEO of Dutycast, Nguyen Le Hoa, was once in the Top 50 of women in the leaderboard of the technology fields in Northern Europe This leaderboard was listed by the Norwegian National Business Federation. 

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