Startup Wheel 2020 has attracted the participation of more than 1,900 startups from Vietnam and 19 countries on 5 continents.

Startup Wheel is the largest and most prestigious startup competition in Vietnam and has been successfully organized for 7 years. In 2020, despite the Covid-19, Startup Wheel 2020 still maintained the spirit of connecting local and international startup ecosystems together, in order to create a solid launchpad in supporting startup communities to recover quickly and develop stronger when stepping in the “new normal” period.

How did Startup Wheel 2020 overcome challenges due to Covid-19’s influence?

In the context of the Covid-19’s influence during the first 6 months of 2020, most of the events and competitions at large and small scale in Vietnam and worldwide had announced postponements. BSSC, the organizer of Startup Wheel, as a leader in supporting the Vietnam startup ecosystem, was the pioneer moving forward. To be specific, BSSC had implemented a series of practical activities in a timely manner to support the Vietnamese startup community overcoming difficulties. Besides, they reached out to partners across VIetnam and outside the country to find more resources for Startups/ SMEs in the country.

With the statement “This is not the time to go ALONE, this is the time to go TOGETHER”, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Hang – CEO of BSSC had fastly leaded BSSC to carry out two programs in parallel: “Mentoring 1on1” and “Help Startup”, which bring timely and practical help to startups: pointing out problems and suggesting quick responses, connecting resources to overcome difficulties, and encouraging startups to keep the spirit of “startup warriors”. Nearly 100 Startups/ SMEs received direct support through the two programs in the extremely stressful and difficult period caused by Covid-19.

The preliminary round of Startup Wheel competition had been kicked off nationwide

The picture of The preliminary round of Startup Wheel 2020 in Da Nang

By February 2020, BSSC already knew that the whole country was going to cope with the Covid-19 by practicing social distances. And this period was also the important stage of Startup Wheel 2020: launching the competition and kicking off the preliminary round.

In the situation that the whole country was fighting with the Covid-19, all activities for communication and the preliminary round of Startup Wheel 2020 were carried out online and offline interlaced, but still strictly complied with the direction of the pandemic prevention of the Prime Minister. More than ever, at that time, BSSC totally realized the importance of support from partners.

Therefore, in the first 6 months of 2020, BSSC had strongly expanded its network nationwide and internationally to reach out to resources: signing MOU and working closely with 35 international partners, more than 200 local partners who are Venture Capitalists, Incubators, Investors, media partners, big corporations … Thanks to the support from the partners, BSSC had run the competition successfully at the first stage.

Startup Wheel 2020 – A solid launchpad for the startup communities to start with “the new normal” period.

With “hot heart and cold head”, despite facing many difficulties, BSSC still continued the Startup Wheel competition 2020, turning it into a solid launchpad which gathered local and International resources to support the startup communities for “the new normal” period.

After 6 months, BSSC is happy to share its initial achievement that the Startup Wheel 2020 has attracted the participation of more than 1,900 Vietnamese and International startups from 20 countries on 5 continents. And the below is the Top 100 Vietnam Track of Startup Wheel 2020:

0040Tran Vo TrungSmart flight system of automatic delivery for high-rise apartment residentsHCMC
0050Hoang Tien CuongWeHelpHCMC
0060Phan Thi ThuTOP StudentsDa Nang
0067Nguyen Ngoc AnhClean products for sustainable agricultureHa Noi
0068Tran Ngoc ThaiVoiz FM – Audio Platform and AI VoiceHCMC
0077Phan Thi Thu Thuyi-GenHCMC
0126Cao Viet BachGreenie – The application supports sorting and garbage collection at sourceHa Noi
0131Huynh Nhut MinhFINSC – Securities investment advisory platformHCMC
0138Nguyen Van LamCherryUp – REAL ESTATE Social Network loTHa Noi
0145Pham Bich ChauNados.vnHCMC
0153Nguyen Tan LongFlowery Floral TeaHCMC
0162Dinh Minh QuyenTALKS EnglishHCMC
0170Do Hoang BachNhien Moc Clean Incense – nhienmoc.comHCMC
0180Le Hoang AnhMultiGlassDa Nang
0204Pham Manh Dinh“UNC material made from plastic waste”HCMC
0205Chau Ngoc DiuPalmania JaggeryCan Tho
0218Nguyen Phuong DuyCOCOONHCMC
0232Nguyen Thanh DamMicasDa Nang
0242Nguyen Huynh Ngan HaPihomes.vnHCMC
0250Nguyen Hoang SonHotaVN: Learn English, Japanese and other languages for freeHa Noi
0257Pham The CanVinaChuoiHCMC
0260Nghiem Minh HoangWecare247HCMC
0261Le Thi HauJNC Macrame – “Handmade furniture made of cotton yarn”HCMC
0262Tran Ba Hoang Minh7S HotelHCMC
0263Nguyen Long GiangM-MEDICDa Nang
0275Nguyen Tuan PhuCNV LoyaltyHCMC
0281Duong The LongBrickOne – STEM Education ecosystem Made in VietnamHa Noi
0283Tran Dang KhoaCommunication aids for people with speech disabilitiesHCMC
0307Bang Thai NgocBLOCKBOXHCMC
0311Ho Thi Minh ThiEM&AI Virtual QCDa Nang
0330Nghiem Tien VienGoDate – Heart connectionDa Nang
0335Ly Xuan NamEzHR softwareHCMC
0339Nguyen Dinh ThienS4Life – Blood Donation for saving peopleHCMC
0341Nguyen Quang HungUsing AI in the early diagnosis of strokeHa Noi
0345Nguyen Thanh TinOMICallHCMC
0347Pham Vu ThiennhiemVuHCMC
0364Ho Trung DinhI SHINE – Premium Cleaning & Repairing ServicesHCMC
0374Tran Huy – IT recruiting platformHa Noi
0375Dang Trung TuFamebuckHCMC
0384Huynh Phi LongInternet of Things LOTODA platformHCMC
0385Nguyen Ha Minh ThongEduboxHCMC
0410Doan Hong TrungDelta X – Most affordable and efficient delta robotDa Nang
0412Le Van PhuongFive Fresh – Producing and trading in Aquaponics agricultural improved products Can Tho
0413Bui Thanh LocJeeHR – HR management automation software HCMC
0428Nguyen Van VietElectronic identification system using artificial intelligenceHa Noi
0440Tran Quoc TuanCoffee Togo VietnamHCMC
0442Nguyen Khanh Thanh VuKing of the Sun- Traditional Vietnamese delicaciesHCMC
0446Tran Xuan ViVi Fleur – Improve the value of Vietnamese handicraft productsHCMC
0450Huynh Minh BaoWIddy – Traffic social networkHCMC
0477Tran Thi Diem My“Food storage bags made from bioplastics”HCMC
0484Le Anh TienSales BotHa Noi
0485Tran Hanh ThuTANISA – Enhance Tay Ninh SpecialtiesHCMC
0496Pham Vu CuongVideo5mHa Noi
0498Nguyen Dinh Manh LinhUMI – Online platform for learning STEMHa Noi
0502Nguyen Hai LongCarbackHa Noi
0508Tran Nguyen Duy TuanAirWattHCMC
0510Pham Thi Thu HangPo Lang – Producing high value products from fresh avocado and herbal in Dak LakHCMC
0513Vu Quyet ThangX1HCMC
0519Tran Duy PhongTep Bac – Technology solution for aquacultureHCMC
1002Nguyen Anh MinhSimon MusicHCMC
1008Phan Minh AnhProject on oat nutrition foodsHCMC
1011Nguyen Van SonProducing tea from custard apple to enhance the value of custard apple in the Central HighlandsHCMC
1020Cong Huyen Ton Nu Suong SuongSmart Fashion AI – Virtual fitting roomHCMC
1022Nguyen Chi Thanhmplify EventsHCMC
1027Dang Huu TuanPhysics Education 4.0 – Take off Vietnamese knowledgeDa Nang
1040Tran ThuyPety – Social Network Of Pet LoversHCMC
1055Nguyen Ai Tuong VanMGreen Application Project – separating waste at source with accumulated points, exchanging giftsHCMC
1060Tong Vu Than DanMonte – STEAM Practical and Coding kits for ChildrenHCMC
1081Nguyen PhuongStem kid VietnamHCMC
1085Ho Tien LocWOAYHCMC
1098Dang Huu SonVirtual assistant smart gifts for businesses (B2B)HCMC
1116Nguyen Thi Dieu LinhViet Nam Banana Leaf – VIBALEHCMC
1135Ta Thi Ngoc LinhWorkevoHa Noi
1151Phan Trong LamBeeClear – Platform to find friends to practice speaking English togetherHCMC
1152Pham Chi – The first specialized online shopping website for  basic men’s clothing in Vietnam.HCMC
1160Tran Viet HR management Online software.HCMC
1173Pham Thanh ToanMismart – Agricultural AI with DroneHCMC
1192Le Thi Cam TrinhUmbalena – The leading reading app for Vietnamese childrenDa Nang
1195Nguyen Huu Trung“Automatic tofu cooking pots for small- and medium-scale traditional production facilities”HCMC
1202Dinh Tien DungCompost in agriculture. Planting trees, growing nurseries, hydroponic cultivationHCMC
1214Nguyen Viet QuangNara Reading AppHCMC
1256Le Quoc HuyRalava – Garbage is goldHa Noi
1259Tran Cam ThanhLora – Study With Your ChildHCMC
1400Tran Phi LongAir MaskHCMC
1603Le Dang ThangVIETMANIHa Noi
1606Mai Thi NgaActivated Carbon Scientific Service Joint Stock CompanyThe AC HouseHa Noi
1607Le Tung LinhBonbouton IncorporationHa Noi
1609Phan Xuan HieuDSMiner customer data analysis platformHa Noi
1610Nguyen Hoang KySmartDialog – Smart conversation platformHa Noi
1613Nguyen Tran ThuatProject on Fabrication of thermal image sensorHa Noi
1624Huynh Le Tan TaiAdvosightsHCMC

Top 100 Vietnam Track of Startup Wheel 2020

Startup Wheel 2020 at the next stage

In July 2020, Startup Wheel 2020 will implement the Top 100 training session and choose the Top 60 Vietnam Track. Besides, BSSC is preparing for Vietnam Startup Day 2020 taking place on August 21 & 22, 2020. However, with the complicated situation of Covid-19 around the world, it is expected that the semi final and the final round of SW International Track at the Vietnam Startup Day event will be hosted in November 2020. 

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