Private Pitch

With a pool of the most potential startups in Vietnam that have been pre-screened via our acceleration programs, we provide private pitch sessions focused on Investment matching and Business matching.

Program sessions

Investment matching

The sessions are designed for:

  • Large corporations having a demand for setting up and running corporate venture capitals but haven’t got the know-how to select startups for investment.
  • VCs/ Investors to select and invest in potential startups vertically.

Shortlisted startups

A list of 10 most potential startups will be chosen, based on the criteria provided by the partner. This list provides more in-depth detail of the startups, including pitch deck, fundraising needs, and most importantly feedback from BSSC’s experts.

Private pitch session

From the list of 10 startups, the company will choose any 5 startups for a private pitch session, organized by BSSC at a time suitable for the partner.

Dedicated team                                                          

Offering a dedicated team to support the partner during the whole session.

Business matching

The sessions are designed for international startups and companies seeking business cooperation opportunities in Vietnam.

We source and match the startups and companies with our local partners, who are startups, SMEs, distributors, and large corporations for business development in Vietnam.