Edupia is raising $8 million from Singapore-headquartered Jungle Ventures. Previously, Educa, the corporation that runs Edupia, also successfully raised $2 million. This Series A funding round received investment from Redefine Capital Fund. This investment fund is also headquartered in Singapore. With the capital raised, Educa will invest heavily in technical infrastructure and research new products. This corporation has a long-term plan to achieve the goal of two million paying users in the market of 20 million Vietnamese students by 2025.

About Educa Corporation and startup Edupia

Edupia is a Vietnam-based education startup founded in 2018. This startup “uses technology to bridge the gap in learning conditions”. Edupia focuses on solving limitations and difficulties in learning English for the majority of Vietnamese students. The establishment of Edupia comes from the desire to bring international-standard English quality to all Vietnamese students, helping students who do not have economic conditions to attend international schools or centers still have can use English fluently. The startup’s founding team built the first product called “Edupia – High-quality online English for primary school students”.

Deputy General Director Nguyen Van Hoan, on behalf of Educa Corporation, received the Cool Product Awards 2021 Certificate and Cup.

After 3 years of launch, Edupia, now Educa Corporation, recorded rapid growth with 500,000 paying users. Educa has become the leading brand in the online English market. This group has been building and developing more self-learning English programs for many new target groups such as the Babilala European Standard English Program for children from 3 to 8 years old, or the Edupia Tutor Online Program. Educa is also globalising its products, entering new markets in Southeast Asia.

About Jungle Ventures

Jungle Ventures operates primarily in Southeast Asia. This hedge fund invests in early-stage and growth-stage startups. Jungle Ventures also successfully raised $600 million. This investment fund is very active in the Vietnamese market. Jungle Ventures has invested in many Vietnamese startups such as Dat Bike, KiotViet, Mio, Medici, Timo, etc.

Source of information is Dealstreet Asia.