The integration of Viettel Money on the Be application allows more than 20 million customers of this commercial ecosystem to benefit from ride-hailing and delivery services on the Be application with a 20% discount. According to the two units, this cooperation is aimed at diversifying services in the Viettel Money ecosystem, giving customers an online payment method through the service platform. Thanks to the network infrastructure, business point system, payment acceptance points, with just one phone number, Viettel Money gives Be Group users access to more than 300 features and utilities, adding more choices in payment.

About Viettel Money and Be Group

Viettel Money is a digital financial ecosystem with more than 300 personalised utilities according to the needs of each customer in terms of buying and selling, transferring money, investing, insurance, paying for services in life, etc. The special feature of this platform is that it can support payments by mobile accounts.

Viettel Money Be Group
Viettel Money formed a partnership with Be Group.

Meanwhile, starting from a ride-hailing app, after more than three years, Be Group has created its own service ecosystem from ride-hailing, car booking (beBike, beCar, beTaxi), delivery service (beDelivery), food delivery (beFood), etc. with 300,000 drivers and 11,000 restaurants and restaurants operating across the three regions, to buying airline tickets, bus tickets, buying insurance, mobile packages, even buying lottery tickets, etc. on the same app.

Sources of information are Be and Viettel.